HarmonyPBX Reseller Trial


The HarmonyPBX portal works with the following Kazoo installations:

  • 2600Hz Hosted Platform
  • 2600Hz Private Cloud
  • 2600Hz Global Infrastructure
  • Kazoo Open Source

Please note, some features may require a minimum Kazoo version and 2600Hz API and UCaaS features. See the Getting Started section below if you want to jump right in, but we highly recommend reading ALL sections for important details.

Getting Started

The first and most important step is to create a Credentials Token. When creating the token, consider the highest level for which you want to grant the HarmonPBX portal access. See How Does It Work for a complete explanation.

If you are ready to get started, press the button below and complete the form. You will need the following information about the admin account:

  • Credentials Token (link provided on the form to generate one)
  • Account realm
  • Host API URL (if non 2600Hz hosted)

After completing the form, you will receive an email with a link to reset/create a password for your new HarmonyPBX admin account. Please follow the instructions in that email.

How Does it Work

In order for the HarmonyPBX portal to work with your customer accounts, we need admin access to your Kazoo account structure. This is done by creating a user with admin privileges at the highest level for which you want HarmonyPBX to have access. The portal can manage accounts at that level and below. Any other accounts in your account structure will not be accessible, so take care in choosing the point where you grant access. Normally this is the same level as your main account login. However, you could provide access to a limited tree in your structure for a trial period, then give full access when you move into production. In this case you should consider the HarmonyPBX structure as disposable.


HarmonyPBX was designed with security in mind:

  • Supports both User and API key authentication methods
  • Authorization tokens are never sent to client
  • Kazoo resource identifiers are securely cached on the server and are never transmitted to the client
  • All resources are accessed using session unique proxy IDs to prevent unauthorized access

If you have ever inspected the network traffic created by the 2600hz Monster portal you will see that the client has access to the authentication token. This token can be used by a malicious person to modify the account configuration, including deleting resources. This is not a concern with the HarmonyPBX portal since the token is securely cached on the server.

Creating your Reseller Account

During the trial period, your Reseller Account is created using user authentication. The reason is, after the trial period, you can easily disable the trial user. Once you decide HarmonyPBX is right for you, we recommend generating an API key and using it instead. Using an API key is a safer method since a user could accidentally be erased or have the password reset (both would prevent the portal from operating for your imported accounts).

White Labeling

HarmonyPBX supports while labeling so that you can present a branded interface to your users. We only need the following:

  • A domain name with an A record DNS entry pointing to our server
  • Two images for placement on the login screen and main pages
The white labeling process is completed after your trial has completed and you decide to move forward.